How to make Tenant management More Hands-Off

When you get into property management, chances are you think that you’re going to build passive income immediately.  Usually, they’re not totally passive, but you want to make it as passive as possible.

How do you make it more hands-off? Well, read on to find out.

First, you want to screen the tenants for longevity, respectfulness, and not just for the likelihood of getting payments.  Usually, you focus on payment, and while it usually is 90% of the work that the landlords focus on, you should also look to see how long they’re going to be here.  If you screen them and see that they have hopped around a bit, that may determine whether or not you want them.

If they stick around, they can be a better investment, so you may want to consider putting them in over the person that hops around a lot. You can also ask the landlord about their unit, and how high-maintenance they tend to be, and usually, if they aren’t too annoying, that could be considered a great investment.

You should also set up reminders for renewals of the lease, and raise the rent.  Usually, there are laws that the landlords must give the person before they raise the rent. If they’re low-maintenance, ideally, you can send a non-renewal notice. If they’ve worked it out, you can send them a lease renewal notice, and a slightly higher-rent. You should always set the rent slightly higher each year, about 1-4%, depending on the market.  This also sets up expectations to also keep you on the market, and you don’t want to slap the tenants with a giant rent hike or anything too, cause that drives them away.

You also want to have a handyman that can do almost anything. Most of the time, the maintenance calls are mundane, but you should have someone that knows what they are doing.  You should make sure that you get someone who is well-versed and knows what they’re doing, and you should definitely build a relationship with them.  You should make sure that you create a good repute so that they want to stay there. This will help because if a tenant calls you about a maintenance issue, you can get one phone call out to resolve it, and you will be able to build a good relationship with someone.  One call beats five calls, that’s for sure.

You should also make sure that you’re not hustling for the rent, and you can do that by automating the rent collection from a paycheck. Once again, you didn’t do this because you wanted a second job, but instead, you should make it so that it’s passive income.  You should make sure that you get a service that works for you, and as a company, it can save you a lot of time if you set this up.

You should then hire a leasing agent with point BrEEze real Estate, but also make sure that you do your own management.  There is a lot that goes into it, and typically, while the units are occupied, you have to do all of the other little things that involve that. Turnovers take a lot of work though, and you should consider getting a leasing agent to help with this they can advertise for you, get any questions answered, advise on repairs, show off the property, and even screen applicants.  You can then have that person, along with the handyman do that, and it can save you so much time.  You do want have to pay a leasing fee to the agent, and you don’t have to pay ongoing fees, which get expensive.  You essentially delegate the hard part but do the easy part yourself.

When making your life easier with managing a property, here are a few things that you can do. By doing this, you’ll make the job much more manageable, and in turn, it can make everything simpler for you. You don’t want this to be a second job, right? Well, you can prevent that from being the case, and make your life as an investor either, by considering these options that in turn will help you manage your life better.

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Bring Out Summer in Your Home

Often, we dream of the warm and calm weather that summer can bring to us, even if we’re out in an area where winter winds blow through town and temperatures drop to a low level.  However, did you know that your home can look like a getaway in Florida just with the use of some great interior decorating?  From color schemes to faux stone panels, often, many people don’t realize that the home you live in can be tweaked to match the decorating needs, and you can help maintain a warm atmosphere in the home, even when the temperatures outside are far from home.

Now, some people might do this by choosing a summer home that is bright and breezy, with all of the odds and ends people want such as various courts to play sports, and even areas to engage in water sports.  But, you might not have the ability to do that sort of thing.

Often, having a summer type of home requires a home to be both causal in a sense, but also elegant as well.  You should learn to equate your happiness with color.  Choose a color palette that is varied, but is warm at the base of it.  You can start by choosing a white base, whether it be warm white or a cool white, and then change the various whites in the different rooms.  Indigo and black in some houses creates a crisp color, but it also helps keep the place from being muddy.


When you’re decorating your home, you might want to put in various summer themes to help accent it.  Installing ledges with faux Stone panels around the fireplace area, or even the entertainment center, helps create a natural and elegant view.  Faux stone panels can be directly installed and you can put different objects on top of them.  Often, decorating it with some art can help bring out not only the faux stone panels, but also the decorative items on top of it though.

Then there are the actual decorative furnishings.  Many times, people choose porcelain of various styles for this, such as Chinese porcelain around the area.  You can decorate end tables with this.  If you want to, various vases can also be added to by putting some flowers in them, for it will give the home a brighter feel to it.

When you are decorating the home with accessories and faux stone panels however, do so sparingly.  If you have a bunch of accessories that are scattered in an extravagant manner, not all bunched up in one area, it creates a much more dramatic impact, and you can showcase collections as well.


For pictures to put up, choose something that fits both your interests, and the motif of the home.  You’re trying to do a summer motif, and one of the best options to go for is the ocean.  Pictures of animals, even birds that walk around the beach, can help bring in a warm, healthy vibe to the space and really make an impact.  Ideally, choose paintings that won’t jarringly contrast with the wall tone, nor art that will blend in with the walls.  For example, don’t choose white paintings on a white background.  It looks tacky and the picture will melt in and wont’ be discernible.

With your home, you can choose the furnishings that work for this.  Sure, you can do a beach array for furniture, but sometimes it doesn’t necessarily fit in a home in an adequate manner.  What does though?  Well, think about British colonial style, such as the kind you see in the Bahamas in the 19th century.  Antique colonial British furniture, such as dark wood drawers, can really add to the room.  Walnut is a great wood to use for this, because it has a color that works well for this.


With these pieces of furniture, you can then take it to the next level by throwing some color in there, which will help spice things up.  Often, various peaches, corals, some papaya, and other bright colors can create a great impact in every room.  You can for example use a table skirt that is about an apricot, and then make the sofa pillows slightly darker, but not brown, which in turn will help with making the coffee table stand out.  You can even go into the bedroom and use warm orange colors to help create a cozy atmosphere.  You should ideally try to spice these things up, but do keep your base colors at the foundation for this, and then build on there.

Working with this, you can also add antiques abound if they fit the atmosphere.  If you have an antique walnut table that fits the scheme of the home, you can put it in.  Try to make the rooms flow and make it so that the space is open for many.  Often, sometimes having a curtain instead of the traditional door can make a room feel much bigger, and it can improve the slow of things.


Finally, if you are working to redecorate a home for a summer tone, but you worry about those that come into here, there are solutions for this.  Just because you have a family space, doesn’t mean you can’t decorate the place with nice textiles and such.  What you do beforehand is spray everything with a spray that will resist stains, and then make sure you get sofa cushions that have zip covers on there.  Once everyone leaves, you can take these to clean.

Redecorating your home with a warmer tone can make it look a lot better.  Often, the dreary feeling of winter takes a toll on a lot of us and it can even impact us emotionally as well.  But have no fear, for you can use the information here to create your own summer paradise within the comfort of your own home in order to not only create a brighter atmosphere, but a more positive one as well.

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