Flipping the House from Thanksgiving to Christmas

This is the week that husbands dred, wives look forward to, and kids love. All of the fall and Thanksgiving items need to be packed and put away, and the trek down to the basement begins. All of those boxes and strings of lights and maybe even a tree can get disheartening quickly. So this article will break down the best strategies for flipping the house from thanksgiving to Christmas a smooth and efficient process.

Step #1: Donate

Donating items to goodwill during thanksgiving can be a great thing to do, and enjoyable for the whole family! This is a great way to find new homes for old clothes, decorations, and other items that have been taking up space either in the basement or the house. It’s a truly rewarding feeling getting the chance to take things that have meant a lot to you, and give them to someone else to make memories and to enjoy being in a new home.

Step #2: Plan
Before just lugging every box up the stairs, make sure you have a plan in place for where you want everything to go. Also plan for what type of tree you want, live or fake, as this will make a difference as well. Figure out what items in the rooms need to be changed or moved before you move them. These simple steps will lead to a lot less frustration and produce more efficient results.

 Step #3: All Hands On Deck
This day can often be a time where you feel like the kids need to be dropped off at grandma and grandpas so you don’t have to deal with the craziness. However, this is a great time to establish family traditions! Try buying each child an ornament every year that symbolizes something special they did that year. Or build gingerbread homes together and have a decorating contest. You can even go as far as making this a “no phone” day, allowing you all to focus more on each other.


Step 4: Enjoy

People can get so caught up in these days that they often lose sight of having fun and being present in the moment. This is the holidays after all, it is supposed to be fun! Enjoy this day and enjoy the weeks ahead celebrating the holidays and getting your home ready for winter! Remember to decorate the outside and the inside with these tips!




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